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Analyses of cat brains have shown they are divided into many areas with specialized tasks that are extremely interconnected and share sensory information in a kind of hub-and-spoke network, with a large number of specialized hubs and many alternate paths between them.

This exchange of sensory information allows the brain to construct a complex perception of the real world and to react to and manipulate its environment.

I'm speaking of interesting and stimulating chat with real people on interesting and varied topics. Sure, the sex and the juveniles and the stupid is all over the place, but one would think that the Internet, as vast as it is, would have room for what I am seeking. I checked the two links mentioned here in the answers of your questions: The first: hubpages, looked good and I set up an account there and posted 10 hubs, pretty easy, with photos, videos and unlimited text.

I had some difficulties finding a right category and that gave me the impression that this place is too superficial.

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