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Apabila dia mendapati dirinya sendirian di rumahnya, beliau akhirnya akan mula terlepas lipas bersama-sama dengan pranks mereka.

Oggy telah datang untuk menyedari bahawa tanpa lipas, tiada apa yang menyeronokkan atau menarik pernah berlaku dalam hidupnya.

Makcik hajjah ni sebenarnya isteri kepada salah seorang kawan/jiran satu tempat tinggal denganku.

So if you are a sports medicine professional working for one of the clubs or countries, do you just throw your hands in the air and declare that due to forces beyond your control there is little you can do about your club/country’s injury crisis?

There are a few experts around who believe that sports science & medicine staff should take matters more into their own hands and exert more pressure on managers to load players less at training and give them more time off with rotation, which (as common sense and science would dictate) would hopefully lead to lower injury rates.

The players are expected to play too much football, with not enough time for recovery.

The marketing and finance gurus, who seem to be charge of scheduling games and tournaments without much input from a sports science and medicine perspective, don’t seem to have much sympathy for multimillion pound players, as long as there are enough of them to replace those who fall by the wayside due to injury.

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