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World Service Organization published the ACA Fellowship Text (Steps and Traditions Book) in November 2006. Rather, ACA's aim is to build oneself up, assuming personal responsibility while equivocally standing up for one's immovable right to deserve a healthful life and achieve it.

Known as the Big Red Book, the ACA Text is a 646-page hardback book that outlines the problem and solution for recovering from the effects of growing up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional family. The collective stance is not to wallow in victim-hood but to move into the practical application of seeing family dysfunction as a generational affliction and a pattern that can be healed.

Not different as in I had some amazing athletic ability or that I was blessed with a brand of intelligence that made me a shoo-in for Harvard but different in that I came from an alcoholic family that most people I knew couldn't relate to.

I remember once at a sleep over, in middle school, where I decided to open up to a select group of friends about my brothers’ heavy drug use.

Having never dated an ACOA, I didn't think much of her alcoholism revelation, praised her for being sober, made a mental note to not suggest wine at dinner, meeting for a drink after work, etc. It took me a while, but I finally realized the one common thread of her quirks: They were typical of an ACOA. Just a few chapters in, I could see that the book was spot on.I'm only 2/3rds of the way through the book, and it has helped me immensely in understanding her.The book is written for Spouses, and presumes that the ACOA wants the help of the Spouse.Ignoring the damage only allows it to leak out in intimate relationships in ways that make them hard to live in and to manifest in the next generation.That's because growing up with addiction is traumatizing and the symptoms of trauma can emerge much later when we create our own families.

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It's NATIONAL RECOVER goes, let's recover.

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