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Several parts are missing, it's not in great shape, and it's basically non-functionalbut it still is a wonderful piece of family memorabilia, and I love having it in my home.

My flat screen TV usually lives on top of the Singer cabinet, so I look at it every day.

It's nice to know my sewing machine was manufactured in 1907.

But I also wanted to find out the model numberwhich at first I thought would be a far more difficult proposition.

Here's an article listing the Top 5 Best Vintage Singer Models, and many people who collect and sew with vintage Singer machines do love and seek out these particular models.

There were a small handful of manufacturers who made "generic" machines in the mid 20th Century (like the Morse pictured above).

I suspect there would be a lot of happy vintage kenmore 158 owners. Chris I'm just throwing this in here for anyone looking for this info in the future.

I purchased a pdf copy of the original user and service manuals for my 158.17810 from Sewing Educational Warehouse at prices were reasonable, about for the user manual and for the service manual, with instant download after payment. Your expert will follow up and verify this information shortly.

However, I was able to locate a site that appears to have it available for download once you create an account. They pretend to have something you're looking for, then ask for a credit card, attempting to bilk unsuspecting "trial" members into a 5-day "free" membership for a service that includes games, movies, etc.You can try visiting your nearest BERNINA store to find out if they can help, you might get lucky and find an authorized BERNINA Technician that's been around forever and knows all about the older models.Or you can look at this brief history of BERNINA sewing machines at to see if you can find a similar model to yours.Luckily, a quick search online yielded several resources that helped me narrow down my Singer's model number.The best and easiest to navigate is Sandman Collectibles' online Singer identification guide.

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Singer has recently pulled some of their dating and identification information from their website.

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