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Many of the essays in this volume go back to research conducted by the authors for the DPhil degree, done under the supervision of Professor Tite.

Tite’s early interest in thermoluminescence dating (TL) soon led to a long-standing interest in the use of the scanning electron microscope (SEM), involving work with Yannis Maniatis, one of his former students.

A BSc in physics (Oxford 1960) led to a DPhil (Oxford Research Laboratory 1965), under the supervision of Martin Aitken.

At the same time, there is a quieter side to Bodrum, with this mainly comprised around the Marina and Yacht Club.

Other papers explore the history, scope and potential of dendrochronology in the Mediterranean region. Unlu) Neutron Activation Analysis of Dendrochronologically Dated Trees (K. Wiener) Santorini Eruption Radiocarbon Dated to 1627-1600 BC: Further Discussion (Walter L. Manning) "Overall, the work captures the current status of several lines of research and lays the groundwork for future investigations.

The debate over what happened around AD536-540 gets a look in also, along with papers exploring the relevance of dendrochemical approaches to identifying past environmental events (such as major volcanic eruptions), and a review of work on timberline dynamics and climate change in Greece. Colin Renfrew) Preface and Acknowledgments Contributors to the Volume Bibliography of Peter Ian Kuniholm Peter Kuniholm's Dendro Time (Fritz H. Baillie) One Hundred Years of Dendroarchaeology: Dating, Human Behavior, and Past Climate (Jeffrey S. Manning) Dendrochemistry of Pinus sylvestris Trees from a Turkish Forest (D. Friedrich, Bernd Kromer, Michael Friedrich, Jan Heinemeier, Tom Pfeiffer, and Sahra Talamo) Dating the Santorini/Thera Eruption by Radiocarbon: Further Discussion (AD 2006-2007) (Sturt W. Several of the papers are likely to be mandatory reading for scholars and students in their respective fields.

He also took over as editor of Archaeometry, the leading journal in the field of archaeological science.

It is not possible to imagine the progress made in this field of research in the United Kingdom apart from the career of Mike Tite.

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