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Please refer to our A-to-Z guide for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

For general questions that are not answered here, please call us at: 714-940-2349. at the Angel Stadium Ticket Windows, located just outside the Homeplate Gate at Angel Stadium. Alcoholic Beverages No alcoholic beverages are allowed into the parking lot or the ballpark.

Several efforts are made to tackle this problem: better facilities and regulations should improve the situation on existing roads while the number of roads is increased as well.

It turns out however that traffic congestion is highly dependent on the behavior of individual drivers.

It's why turntables, first called gramophones, have endured for over a century as a preferred way to enjoy music at home.

Today, turntables still thrive in their original concept, but with more sophistication in terms of audio fidelity and how they integrate with our modern listening habits.

Therefore, any fans under the age of 40 should be prepared to show proper identification and proof of age when purchasing alcoholic beverages at the ballpark.Characteristically, all of the manuals we print here have many pages.Most operating manuals are about 400 to 430 pages, specifications for parts are over 2000 pages, and maintenance manuals are about 2000 pages, which could fully fill two 8-cm thick binders.Let's discuss a few common questions about this increasingly popular music medium.The essential function of a turntable is to spin a record 360 degrees continuously so that the needle can read the record's magnetic grooves.

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We used regular A4 paper with two types of binders and covers for domestic or overseas usage.

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