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Church Lady: Hello, I'm the Church Lady, and this is "Church Chat".

Just when you think your story's over, Jessie, you pop up again, just like some nasty bacterial fungus you get at a gas station bathroom.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the final installment to the popular and much loved action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog.

We've done a little film about murdering our mother. They say that Jessica Hahn is nobody's robot, alright! Now, being used and degraded in a hotel rom in Florida was not my decision! That was a nice little speech, we all have a tear in our eye, don't we? Now my next geust is making a second appearance on "Church Chat". [ Danny De Vito sits in front of the Church Lady ] Church Lady: Hello, Daniel. I understand you have a brand new motion picture out. [ rearranges the letters ] Who could be causing all those laps to bounce up and down curiously? [ Jessica Hahn sits before the Church Lady ] Church Lady: Welcome, Jessie. Jessica Hahn: Well, I'm denying allegations that I was a teenage prostitute on Lonmgg Island. Jessica Hahn: Well, I regret that I have to come forward once more and defend my character! [ holds up Playboy magazine with Jessica on the cover ] Certainly not from these pictures in Playboy magazine. Well, let's take a look at your little pictorial here.. Obviously, your celestial orifice is engorged and tingly - Jessica Hahn: Okay,. [ the letters now spell "SATAN" ] Alright, and now, speaking about bouncing up and down curiously, let's welcome my first guest, Jessica Hahn. it went simple churchgoer, and then the Jim Bakker sex scandal, and now you're Hugh Hefner's live-in love muffing, aren't you? Your back is arched, causing your bulbous buttocks to tip upward ever so slightly! Jessica Hahn: Alright, peple can make fun of me all they want, I don't care! But being used and degraded on the pages of this magazine, that was my decision! And I'm telling you, that for the first time in my life, I am in control of being used and degraded!

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