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Obviously you shouldn’t just trust my own opinion here. But check out the reviews and feedback I’ve received from both professionals and former social anxiety sufferers. This is the only book out there that I can honestly recommend as having the full and CORRECT answer to overcoming social anxiety, besides my own. Aziz starts the book by showing that a better understanding of your fears and social anxiety is the first step to change.

Then (similar to my system) he shows you how shyness or social anxiety is changeable, it’s not a permanent part of who you are.

I had to piece it together from many different sources: And I created the type of step by step system I wished that I had had.

Should you wish to email us please include your first name and surname.Excellent article on shyness written by Lynn Henderson and Phillip Zimbardo, foremost researchers and founders of the Standford Shyness Clinic.The article (available free on their website) covers everything from definitions and symptoms of shyness to the origins of shyness and its prevalence in other parts of the world.provides an overview of common life challenges from anxiety, anger and aggression to dating, happiness, depression and understanding the way we think about ourselves. Tucker-Ladd then goes on to provide a review of self-help techniques designed to help you address these concerns along with guidelines for how to use them.; It's well worth a look.If you're really serious about getting over your shyness, plan on reading more than one book.The deeper your shyness, the more times you will need to hear messages that can help you heal.

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