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Bipasha walked in with Karan and Jennifer was at the party with another friend.Like most celebrity parties, everyone thought they’d ignore each other and walk by, but things were completely different. This did not go down too well with Ms Basu, and she confronted Jennifer.In an industry where schedules are hectic and the actors end up spending most of the time, link-ups are commonplace.However, Karan Singh Grover who makes his Bollywood debut with Alone, has been allegedly linked with most of his co-stars.

Pawan Grover ( who has treated cancer patients and has served as a medical correspondent for CNN and other news organizations.

When it comes to breast-cancer prevention, most women know about the importance of self-examinations, mammograms and any genetic factors.

But other steps that can help women avoid breast cancer may not be as well known, or at least not as often discussed.

Currently, nearly half of men and two-thirds of women over 65 in the United States are on five or more medications, which is the accepted definition of polypharmacy. The patient subsequently might be placed on meds to treat the stomach issues.

Sometimes patients get prescriptions they don’t need, or two or more pills in their regimen are interacting in dangerous ways. Suppose the patient develops dizziness from the combination of the medications he is on, he will then be referred to a neurologist, who will also be obligated to run a battery of tests and might prescribe medications to treat the dizziness.

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