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The Rastafari Movement is for people that are followers of Haile Selassie. Join the Rastafari Dating Community and stop using generic dating sites!

Any white person can claim they are rastafarian - many might have a surface understanding of rasta through 'one love' - but them, regardless of skin color, who understand the intent of the rastafari movement - bringing down the barriers of racism, respect for Africans and the healing of Africa to a dignified state, can only be considered allies to blacks and Rastafari. i love the outdoors and I shop a lot for art/books; but my primary aim is to work-out/apply my theories on Nature/god.... I'm in shape and eat healthy, I love life and the universe and like to enjoy it and keep a good balance. I love ALL kinds of music/make my own/teach Rainham, Gillingham, KENT England Nana/Stan 64 Man Seeking Women musician, singer, writer, artist, vegetarian, free thinker.Boogieman: First of all I'd like to say In I have found this forum and this internet site particularly , recently. In I can say In I learned a lot on both history and racism ,witch In I think is the main things discussed on this form.Because present is a reflection of the past and history of the future...

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