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In the interview, Lee compared cancer to a “terrorist.” “It’s like a terrorist that lives inside your body, and we’re going to wait and see what it does? Lee plans to travel to San Francisco to help lead a Susan G. Early detection through additional and regular screening of small growths known as “polyps” that could become cancerous would save lives, the governor said.

“Early detection is the key to successfully fighting this form of cancer and this funding will go a long way toward educating New Yorkers on the benefits of early screening,” Cuomo said.

Reporter/Producer MANHATTAN — New York's newly crowned leaders have something more in common than their party: they're all single — or at least unmarried — men.

Unlike the stereotypical politician of old, with a supportive wife and gaggle of smiling kids, New York has elected a crop of bachelors to lead the state.

You date and/or live long enough in New York City, and sooner or later you run into the complaint, usually expressed after numerous beverages, that there are “no good men in the city” — you know, they’re all taken, or married to their careers, or taken If Attorney General Andrew M.

Cuomo, a divorced Democrat, is elected governor in November, New York will have two ostensible bachelors at two significant helms — City Hall and the statehouse — which might, given the many ways politicians have mangled their marital vows in recent years, come as something of a relief.

Using Mark Sanford’s victory in the Republican runoff election in South Carolina earlier this week as a launching point, Buzzfeed’s Ruby Cramer notes that divorce no longer seems to be the problem for politicians that it used to be: It cost Nelson Rockefeller the Republican presidential nomination in 1964, but divorce is now almost as common in political life as it is in America more broadly — an everyday and largely unmentioned feature of many public figures’ private lives.

Former Governor Mark Sanford’s ascent in year’s South Carolina special Congressional race this week isn’t just evidence of the increasingly short half-life of sex scandal fall-out — the former governor vanished for five days during his second term, presumably “hiking the Appalachian trail,” to visit his mistress in Argentina; Sanford’s swift return to politics also heralds the extent to which voters don’t seem to care much whether there’s a nuclear family on the ticket.

"I think it’s always a good campaign ploy to show your big happy family, but I think it's become much less relevant," she said.

Which may be why we don’t call those “affairs.” As Dominus says, Sure, unmarried couples cheat, too, but when they do, that sort of infraction tends to be the stuff of dinner party conversation, not front page news.

And if, in some turn of events I’d call far-fetched were it not for loopy precedent elsewhere, Mr.

“Last time I came and I shared with you some very bad news,” Lee said on ABC. Andrew Cuomo, who has pledged to double down on the state’s efforts to detect and battle cancer since his girlfriend, Sandra Lee, received a breast cancer diagnosis this past spring, today announced a multimillion dollar investment in screening for colorectal cancer – the second leading cause of cancer death.

“But this time I’m coming to share with you that my doctors have said I’m cancer-free and I’m ready to go.” Lee was operated on in May, but under went an additional procedure in August following a complication from an infection related to the initial surgery. Over the next five years, million worth of federal grants will be used to fund new screening initiatives administered by the state Health Department, Cuomo said in a press release, noting that nearly 10,000 New Yorkers develop colorectal cancer annually and more than 3,000 die as a result.

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Indeed, 15 years later there were some people who wondered if the fact that Ronald Reagan had been divorced and remarried would have an impact on his ability to win over conservative voters in the 1980 Republican primaries.

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