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I like to use the analogy that it would be like deciding you want to play guitar, and your first lesson is to go on stage at an open mike night before you have even learned to play a chord. So you start moving, and suddenly every cheesy opening line you've ever heard springs to mind. And I just bet you can't wait for me to tell you to head right out and use one of them. You want to show her something, bring her some fun, and give her a chance to get to know the real you. "Friday night at Gallery on the lower East Side, TV and movie star Zack Braff sent a friend over to tell a blonde friend of ours that she had a "hot bod." Denied." Wow. This is something that anyone can use, anytime, any skill level, any environment. And when I say meeting a woman, we both understand that this is about a woman you find attractive, and want to get to know. You have to SEE how it's done to get the subtleties. For example: Last year during an Art of Attraction workshop, one of the guys asked what I thought the hardest possible pickup would be. even if you're an out of shape, out of luck divorced 54-year man like me... a fail-safe way to easily approach & flirt with beautiful women... Never again lack confidence with women when you discover the powerful force that makes women come to you.Advertised as “Funny Anonymous School News For Confessions & Compliments” in the Apple Store, this anonymous app by Ambient is much like Yik Yak and Whisper. Learn more about After School in this Safe Smart Social a social network where members interact by inviting others to ask anonymous questions.has a Safety Center to “empower users with the information, guidance and tools they need to navigate safely and enjoy the service.” Watch this Safe Smart Social video to learn more.

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