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Considered a forest God in Roman mythology, they are generally depicted as half goat and half man and dwell in enchanted forests.Comprised of a number of organic parts, including but not limited to: Moose teeth, lamb skin, beaver fur, dear hoof, and human hair – the installation elicits a macabre reaction in its execution.

I was going to put up some posters today but it was raining out and ahhh, I ripped my pants.Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO secretary general, said HMCS Fredericton, as well as a German and a Turkish warship, will conduct reconnaissance and surveillance to help end Europe’s gravest migrant crisis since the Second World War.HMCS Fredericton is part of NATO Maritime Standing Group 2, a flotilla that also consists of German navy flagship The Bonn, and the Barbaros from Turkey.Members of the Fredericton Police Force will be wearing body-mounted cameras as part of a pilot project.The cameras are gaining popularity as a policing tool- providing more transparency and accountability to the public.

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