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Homer, who was spying on them, realized that he was Marge's, and his, dream man.After Marge told the bachelor that she had amnesia and three kids, he left her. Marvin Monroe • Herman • Bleeding Gums Murphy • Bob • Jimbo Jones • Jacques • Princess Kashmir • Ugolin and Cesar • Krusty the Clown • Ms.The good-looking bachelor is a man who Marge met through speed dating while she had amnesia.He was dragged to speed dating by his older twin brothers, who used to be quintuplets but three of them drowned.Going biggest expense of the night, and the evening ones at interview for september issue of ebony on able to explore other parts.

Before Kirk Van Houten has a chance to tell his depressing story Otto crashes the school bus into the Community College.

They soon form the "Springfield Heartbroken Adventures Club" where many of Springfield's singles turn up as well as Homer, who is promptly rejected due to being happily married.

While the club participate in hang gliding over the tire fire "Extreme TV" offers to put them on the show and so the whole club are set to take part in a mass skydive where they will each have a part of a parachute and construct it in mid-air.

The building is collapsing and it is up to the club to rescue an injured Otto.

Doing this gives them an adrenaline rush and so the group do activities like snowboarding, treasure hunting and police officer taunting to make themselves feel better about themselves.

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When Marge bumps her head on a stool by her maximum-strength cleaning solution she uses to clear the house before her free housecleaning (which "she" won thanks to Homer painting the address number on the curb in front of the house), she gets amnesia, but quickly remembers everything except for two things - one, that she's married to Homer, and two, who Homer is.

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