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To ensure all topics are relevant, Roundtable discussions are carefully developed with the help of professional mediators and academics who have working-knowledge of what is current in the industry.

With the reintroduction of Chevrolet to Europe, GM intended Chevrolet to be a mainstream value brand, while GM's traditional European standard-bearers, Opel of Germany, and Vauxhall of United Kingdom would be moved upmarket. Chevrolet vehicles will continue to be marketed in the CIS states, including Russia.

However, Israel is unique with its own cultural traits. Travel Tech Israel 2016 will connect international travel companies with the emerging travel startup eco-system.

Travel Tech Israel 2016 will take place on Oct 26th and 27th.

Listings since the fall of 2009 generally include both DVD and Blu-ray unless otherwise noted, but not necessarily "unrated" or "director's cut" versions.

NOTE: Amazon rarely lists the availability of audio description on their videos, so don't let that discourage you.

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