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Note: Customers using Appboy’s EU database should use

For more information on REST APIs endpoints for customers using Appboy’s EU database see FAQs.

comes with a flexible Data Set, which can be used to hold and manipulate unstructured data and listen for changes in the data. Data items can be added, updated and removed from the Data Set, and one can subscribe to changes in the Data Set.

The data in the Data Set can be filtered and ordered, and fields (like dates) can be converted to a specific type.

Below is some terminology that you may see in the Appboy REST API documentation and what it means.

Data Set(options); // add items // note that the data items can contain different properties and data formats data.add([ , , , ]); // subscribe to any change in the Data Set data.on('*', function (event, properties, sender Id) ); // update an existing item data.update(); // remove an item data.remove(4); // get all ids var ids = Ids(); console.log('ids', ids); // get a specific item var item1 = data.get(1); console.log('item1', item1); // retrieve a filtered subset of the data var items = data.get(); console.log('filtered items', items); // retrieve formatted items var items = data.get(); console.log('formatted items', items); The name of the field containing the id of the items.

This is to avoid situation where the user profile import process would override any information which end user has already updated.

Also import only allows custom properties that are not active directory core properties that typically must be synchronized to Azure Active Directory.

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