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It has been around for several major versions, but until v Sphere 5.5 it didn’t have both feature parity with Windows and the ability to support very many hosts & VMs without connecting to an external database.Under v Sphere 5.5 the embedded database has improved to support 100 hosts and 3000 virtual machines, which easily covers our needs.One of the requirements for Site Recovery Manager is to have a v Center in protected and recovery sites.As part of my project I found that two sites that were a recovery pair were both hosted out of the same v Center in site A: In order to deploy SRM I needed to move the site B hosts into a new v Center.New hardware, v Center consolidation, or upgrading: a few examples where you’ might have the requirement to migrate your existing, managed VMware environment to a brand new v Center server.In my case, we have multiple v Center servers and want to consolidate into a single server, allowing us to manage our ESXi hosts across multiple sites in one place.While my team consists of very capable IT professionals, able to run Windows and MS SQL Server with their proverbial eyes shut and limbs tied behind them, it’d be better if we simply didn’t need to.On top of all of this, upgrades between major v Center releases on Windows have always been perilous, with full reinstalls the norm.

At the same time, the migration will allow us to make a smooth transition to v Center 5.5 and ultimately upgrade hosts to ESXi 5.5. Exit Maintenance Mode, set DRS to Manual and test host by migrating a test VM to it. Upgrade Virtual Hardware on VMs (Important: you must upgrade VMware Tools first) 3).

I then saw a tweet from William Lam about how easy it was to move a half at on VDS by just connecting it to the new VCenter.

I then got into a discussion with @lamw and @mattheldstab around the topic and opened a case with support to get the final word.

The v CSA doesn’t support v Center Heartbeat, either.

We don’t use Heartbeat because it’s fairly expensive, and if our v Center servers are virtual machines we can use snapshots, replication, HA, and DRS to help minimize possible downtime.

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If you only have 1 dv Uplink associated with your dv Switch, but have more Unclaimed adapters freely available, you can skip this step. Doesn’t matter which one, as long as there is more than one, and both are active.

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